Rate of convergence of the Swendsen-Wang dynamics in image segmentation problems: a theoretical and experimental study

Isabelle Gaudron
1997 E S A I M: Probability & Statistics  
We study in this paper the convergence rate of the Swendsen-Wang dynamics towards its equilibrium law, when the energy belongs to a large family of energies used in image segmentation problems. We compute the exponential equivalents of the transitions which c o n trol the process at low temperature, as well as the critical constant w h i c h gives its convergence rate. We give some theoretical tools to compare this dynamics with Metropolis, and develop an experimental study in order to
more » ... both dynamics performances in image segmentation problems. URL address of the journal:
doi:10.1051/ps:1997110 fatcat:3qvwdpmxdvb5zgdfw2576wtmty