Taking into account dynamic influences on geotechnical structures in conditions of compaced urban buildings on the example of Kyiv

Yurii Ischenko, Andrii Vusatiuk
2020 Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine  
The applied technique of taking into account the dynamic effects on geotechnical structures in the conditions of compacted urban development with direct dynamic calculations taking into account the experimentally obtained accelerograms has been further developed. The methodology includes: visual and vibrodynamic inspection of the new building of the geotechnical structure and existing sources of vibrodynamic influences (taking into account the natural seismic background – seismic zoning of the
more » ... onstruction site); construction of a calculation model; performing direct dynamic calculations of anti-landslide structures (pit walls, stress-strain state of the surrounding construction site soil, superstructure, etc.) taking into account the actual experimentally obtained accelerograms for the studied geotechnical structure (superstructure, etc.); analysis of compliance of the received settlement and design data of the new building with the current normative documents on seismic construction; if necessary – issuance of recommendations for strengthening the relevant building structures of the foundation and (or) superstructure. Determination of dynamic characteristics of soil and building structures is based on their free oscillations of small amplitude, which are disturbed by natural or man-made microseismics, includes: registration of oscillations using highly sensitive (in our case – seismic) sensors; calculation and analysis of Fourier spectra in order to isolate resonant peaks corresponding to different forms of free oscillations; obtaining by means of the inverse Fourier transform of pulsed realizations of the selected resonant peaks on each form of free oscillations of designs; identification and graphical representation of various forms of oscillations of the studied soil, geotechnical structures, etc. An example of vibrodynamic studies of the soil and individual building structures of the buildings of the Post Square to determine the actual dynamic loads on the soil and protective walls of the pit of the construction site is considered.
doi:10.32347/2411-4049.2020.3.94-110 fatcat:ujmkcdvhuvhixigpvfmva4ypnm