Clean Energy For Poor - A Changing Scenario

P. Sridhar Acharya, P. S. Aithal
2017 Zenodo  
The energy is omnipresent and it can neither be created nor be destroyed. The energy can be changed from one form to another form. Some forms of the energy is used by the human being for his daily needs. One such form is the electrical energy. Man depends on the traditional methods to generate electricity like Thermal energy, hydro electricity, atomic energy etc. The availability of such form of electrical energy is very much possible in the cities where population is more concentrated. The
more » ... ncentrated. The power supply companies under the control of the government/private sector is responsible for the energy production. The distribution of this electrical energy is done by the department like KPTCL in Karnataka which is under the control of the state government. This department finds it easy to distribute the energy to cities where population is more for a given area. But the people living in the rural places are finding it difficult to get the benefit of such facility because the department is either not showing interest in providing the service at rural places or the cost incured in providing such facility is more than the return out of it. This leads to a lot of problems to the people living in the villages in getting the service from such companies. An alternative arrangement for such people is the use of clean and green energy by using the freely available solar energy. In this paper a small village called Mala is taken as a sample village. This paper gives the geographical structure of Mala, the various waste products that can be reused to maintain clean environment. This paper also gives a cost difference in using traditional energy system and renewable energy system and time required to recover the investment done for installing renewable energy sources.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.240287 fatcat:lbhshv3gwbcglgqpmsglsgldbi