Context-Dependent Development of Lymphoid Stroma from Adult CD34+ Adventitial Progenitors

Katarzyna M. Sitnik, Kerstin Wendland, Holger Weishaupt, Heli Uronen-Hansson, Andrea J. White, Graham Anderson, Knut Kotarsky, William W. Agace
2016 Cell Reports  
Graphical Abstract Highlights d CD34 + stromal cells localize to the adventitial vascular niche in lymphoid tissues d Thymic CD34 + cells and pericytes derive from a common anlage-seeding population d Adult CD34 + adventitial cells have lymphoid stroma-like progenitor potential d Lymphoid environment regulates the differentiation of CD34 + adventitial progenitors SUMMARY Despite the key role of primary and secondary lymphoid organ stroma in immunity, our understanding of the heterogeneity and
more » ... heterogeneity and ontogeny of these cells remains limited. Here, we identify a functionally distinct subset of BP3 À PDPN + PDGFRb + /a + CD34 + stromal adventitial cells in both lymph nodes (LNs) and thymus that is located within the vascular niche surrounding PDPN À PDGFRb + /a À Esam-1 + ITGA7 + pericytes. CD34 + adventitial cells developed in late embryonic thymus and in postnatal LNs and in the thymus originated, along with pericytes, from a common anlage-seeding progenitor population. Using lymphoid organ re-aggregate grafts, we demonstrate that adult CD34 + adventitial cells are capable of differentiating into multiple lymphoid stroma-like subsets including pericyte-, FRC-, MRC-, and FDClike cells, the development of which was lymphoid environment-dependent. These findings extend the current understanding of lymphoid mesenchymal cell heterogeneity and highlight a role of the CD34 + adventitia as a potential ubiquitous source of lymphoid stromal precursors in postnatal tissues.
doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2016.02.033 pmid:26947077 fatcat:z56232wzqjbdjnnew2fk5udx2m