Cation Diffusion in Compacted Bentonite

M. Molera
1998 Mineralogical magazine  
Metals that form strong complexes with OH-in water generally bind strongly to hydroxyl groups on mineral surfaces. The first hydrolysis reaction and equilibrium constants for Sr 2+ and Co 2+ are given by Sr 2+ + OH-= SrOH + logK = 0.86 Co 2++OH =CoOH + logK=4.35 Co2+may therefore be expected to be more strongly sorbed than Sr 2+ by reactions with OHgroups on mineral surfaces (1). At high pH there is a solubility constraint due to the formation of Co(OH)2. Co 2++2OH-=Co(OH)2 logK=-14.7
doi:10.1180/minmag.1998.62a.2.194 fatcat:svol2q6kcrd7jdvuscodqdlkua