The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, June 7, 1923] [article]

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No one will gainsay the fact that the programme provided by the Cow-I'chan Choral i^ociety on Tuesday «vening »t the Duncan Opera House *was the best of its kind ever heard in Duncan. While it was mostly a repiti< ^on of what the society gave last December at its first concert, the im provement was very marked. Another favourable feature was that the principal parts were taken by lo-<al artistes, who did their share ex ceptionally well. "The May Queen." oy Sterndale Bennett, is not a cantata
more » ... ch lends itself to the popular taste. Much of it is recitative and <loes not appeal to the pre.sent day «ar. nevertheless the audience was quite enthused and enjoyed every bit offered. The choir was heard to great adrantage in the opening chorus. "Wake With A Smile, O Month of May." into the spirit of which they entered with confidence. There was a re markable contrast in the following item. "O Melancholy Plight." where the plaintive tone was well demon strated by all the parts. Moat AttractiTe Chorus "With a Laugh as We Co Round." proved, as it did last year, to be the most attractive chorus of the even ing. . It lent itself to the spirit of joy and the aingers gave it rhythm and fullness 'which caused the audience to ask for a repetition. Mrs. W. H. Snow as the May T,. oiiuw (lie fnay Queen not only looked her part but carried it out m her wloi. Although her voice is not a strong one it is very sweet and has a good range. The Not for many years has the agenda of the North Cowichan council been so light as this year. Even with on one meeting a imonth the counc I completes its business in an hour or two. Monday's meeting was no ex ception. A request was placed before the council by Hobson and Hobson, of ^orth Vancouver, who have taken o^ver the plant of the Sahtlam Lumber Lo. which was started about six years ago but got no further. They desired the council to make a roug i road for them to their mill They employ forty-two men. mostly white. It was stated, and pay in wages ^.000 per month and spend another $1,000 on supplies. They desired to keep the white employees but the bad road way was a deterrent to the men and did not conduce to travelling to Duncan. One stumbling block to the coun
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