Fresh Properties of mercapto Chitosan in Cherry preservation

Yu-Feng Li
2018 Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials (IFEESM 2017)   unpublished
To obtain a good Cherry preservative, the author prepared mercapto Chitosan and metal ion complexes with solid-liquid reaction. Besides, the Cherry preservative was prepared by modified Chitosan materials. It was obtained that the optimal concentration of chitosen acetate for fresh cherries is 10g/l by studying effect of different concentrations of preservative on the storage of Cherry and its preservation time was 21 days. It also found that it owned better preservation effect with adding
more » ... ion and Zn compound preservative had the best preservation performance among all experimental ion compound preservation. The experiment results showed that the preservative which prepared by Chitosan had excellence properties of extending Cherries storage periods、 lowing the loss of Cherry fruit during storage、slowing the forming of Cherry soluble solids and the decreasing of titratable acid and vitamine C, but also reducing Cherry metabolism. Experiment Materials. Chitosan(GMP Shandong , China) , Sodium hydroxide(AR Chengdu , China) , Potassium permanganate( AR Chengdu,China),Mercapto acid(AR Chengdu,China) Apparatus. Magnetic stirrer (SZCL-A,Henan,China),Analytical balance(FA2004,Shanghai, China),Centrifuge(TDL-40B,Shanghai,China) Preparation of mercapto Chitosan Chitosan powder (20g) dispersed in 100mL ethanol solution (95%) for 8 hours, then filtered to remove ethanol aqueous solution, slowly adding 20mL mercapto acid (AR) and continue stirring 3h at 25 ℃, and then washed by ethanol, dried in a vacuum oven to constant weight and obtaining dark yellow mercapto Chitosan product.
doi:10.2991/ifeesm-17.2018.363 fatcat:ro3kzav555a3xhtzvmlf6b7vvy