Transformation of the advertising image as a reflection of the change in the advertising concept

Tatiyana B. Kolyshkina, Yaroslavl state pedagogical university named after К. D. Ushinsky, Irina V. Shustina, Yaroslavl state pedagogical university named after К. D. Ushinsky
2021 Yaroslavl Pedagogical Bulletin  
The article presents an approach to advertising from the point of view of the formed advertising image. This approach allows us not only to identify the positioning features of one of the players in the banking services segment, but also to identify changes in the bank's market policy, which are reflected in communications with the consumer, in particular in the change of the advertising concept. The authors aim to analyze the transformation of the advertising image depending on the change in
more » ... on the change in the advertising and communication concept of promoting the organization's services. The TV advertisement of VTB Bank was used as the material for the study. The basis for the selection was its placement on the main channels of Russian television, which confirms the orientation of the organization's offer to a wide consumer audience. The presented empirical material is described according to the author's model, which includes two bases. One of them takes into account the communicative type of the text and its focus on the recipient, the object of advertising or the recipient. The second basis is the generated advertising image associated with the characteristic, possible actions, or functions and the impression produced. The analysis showed that the type of advertising image can undergo significant (sometimes fundamental) changes. This transformation depends on the advertising and communication concept of the company. The created advertising image is determined by the specifics of the segment to which a particular service is addressed, the nature of the service itself, changes in the market situation and the communication policy of competitors. Taking into account the societyquick response to changing marketing factors allows the main subjects of the banking services market to create effective advertising images based on a variety of strategies and tactics that can attract different groups of customers. And the model proposed by the authors makes it possible to analyze and create an advertising product based on the motivational analysis and value behavior of consumers.
doi:10.20323/1813-145x-2021-2-119-190-195 fatcat:hr3w7o2xhbhixbglqlxjqqbehy