An Integrated Calibration Method of the Inertial Group on the Missile without Opening Box

Liu Yu, Shen Liangliang, Wang Xinlong, Cai Yuanwen
2021 Hangkong bingqi  
In order to shorten the calibration time and simplify the calibration process, the missile and launch box are jointly involved in the calibration, so as to complete the calibration of the inertial group on the missile without opening box. However, due to the large volume and mass of the missile, the rotation of the turntable is limited. Based on this, an integrated calibration method of the inertial group on missile without opening box is proposed. According to the limitation of turntable
more » ... on and considering the characteristics of accelerometer and fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) calibration method, a rotation path including six static positions is designed.Through the continuous rotation of the turntable, the accelerometer and FOG can be calibrated together. Due to the short rotation time of turntable, the accumulated error of FOG constant drift is small, so it is difficult to estimate. Therefore, the double position drift method is used to calibrate the constant drift. The simulation results show that the proposed calibration method can achieve the same calibration effect as the traditional calibration method, and has high calibration accuracy. After compensating the constant drift with the calibration results, the calibration accuracy is improved.
doi:10.12132/issn.1673-5048.2019.0244 doaj:f999bae565394ce2baf13d77384edb94 fatcat:n2fbhmvranft3msz743hmidpdi