Wkład kapłanów zakonnych w kształtowanie się liturgicznego kultu Serca Jezusa

Włodzimierz Mocydlarz
2010 Ruch Biblijny i Liturgiczny  
Contribution by many religious priests (Benedictines, Cistercians, Dominicans, Franciscans and Jesuits) to the devotion of Sacred Heart has improved its theological roots. The article lists priests who conducted the study of Biblical and patristic sources of the cult of Sacred Heart. Their prayer, meditation and contemplation deepened the truth of the Gospel and Tradition. The worship of Sacred Heart is rooted in the Word of God and in it's Patristic interpretation, but it's theological
more » ... ent and the intervention of God through Marguerite Marie Alacoque brought to the approval of the cult by the Church.
doi:10.21906/rbl.173 fatcat:teyjxjfcjrdv7getookddejwna