Removing Occlusion in Images using Sparse Processing and Texture Synthesis

Bincy Antony M
2012 International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Applications  
We provide a solution to problem of occlusion in images by removing the occluding region and filling in the gap left behind. Inpainting algorithms fail in filling occlusions when the occluding region is large since there is loss of both structure and texture. We decompose the image into structure and texture images using a decomposition method based on sparseness of the image. The sparse reconstruction of the decomposed images result in an inpainted image with all the structures made intact. A
more » ... exture synthesis is performed on the texture only image. Finally the structure and texture images are combined to get an image where the occlusion is filled. The performance of our algorithm in terms of visual effectiveness is compared with other algorithms used for inpainting.
doi:10.5121/ijcsea.2012.2311 fatcat:eetem24adnbkrkg5z457j6eqx4