The good and bad of pet ownership [post]

Minh-Hoang Nguyen
2022 unpublished
Animal-human interactions (specifically pet ownership) have positive and negative sides depending on the context and people's mindsets. Owning a pet is like exposing oneself to information related to animals. If people perceive the benefits of such information (e.g., dog walking and pet play), they are more likely to acknowledge and receive the benefits brought by pets. Otherwise, they will likely feel uncomfortable and perceive being with a pet as costly (e.g., dirtiness, noise). Notably,
more » ... es about the effects of pet ownership are mostly conducted in Western countries, where people generally have good impressions of pets. In some Asian cultures, pets are often stigmatized as unsanitary, so the positive effects of pets found in Western countries might not apply to other cultures.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:za5lbouaqnairhww353gi7vlga