2015 Akademos: Revista de Ştiinţă, Inovare, Cultură şi Artă  
A new-generation intensive ecological technology and integrated bioreactor for biogas production were developed, based on the valorisation of agro-industrial wastes, hazardous for the natural environment. The efficient technology independent from centralized power supply was elaborated, which makes it possible to enhance the reliability and cost efficiency of energy supply in rural areas. An easily manageable technology proposed is environmentally friendly and an acceptable method beneficial
more » ... the population. This technology bears a breakthrough character and is based on the use of natural phyto-catalysts introduced into the digested biomass in micro-concentrations. They are obtained by extraction from natural vegetable feedstock and wastes. Biomethane contents in biogas is thus increased from 62% with a caloric value of 5 232 kcal/m3 to 85-92% with a caloric value of 8 010 kcal/m3. In addition, the stabilized biomass residues can be used as organic fertilizers, whereas the treated water meets the requirements for irrigation scopes. The technology ensures the generation of a renewable "green" heat and electric energy, and contributes to the improvement of energy and environmental security in accordance with the existing national and international standards.
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