Compositional Prototype Network with Multi-view Comparision for Few-Shot Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation [article]

Xiaoyu Chen, Chi Zhang, Guosheng Lin, Jing Han
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Point cloud segmentation is a fundamental visual understanding task in 3D vision. A fully supervised point cloud segmentation network often requires a large amount of data with point-wise annotations, which is expensive to obtain. In this work, we present the Compositional Prototype Network that can undertake point cloud segmentation with only a few labeled training data. Inspired by the few-shot learning literature in images, our network directly transfers label information from the limited
more » ... ining data to unlabeled test data for prediction. The network decomposes the representations of complex point cloud data into a set of local regional representations and utilizes them to calculate the compositional prototypes of a visual concept. Our network includes a key Multi-View Comparison Component that exploits the redundant views of the support set. To evaluate the proposed method, we create a new segmentation benchmark dataset, ScanNet-6^i, which is built upon ScanNet dataset. Extensive experiments show that our method outperforms baselines with a significant advantage. Moreover, when we use our network to handle the long-tail problem in a fully supervised point cloud segmentation dataset, it can also effectively boost the performance of the few-shot classes.
arXiv:2012.14255v1 fatcat:2q4ncjxdibfjlb3wr53bkaa7iq