Fedosov quantization of Lagrange–Finsler and Hamilton–Cartan spaces and Einstein gravity lifts on (co) tangent bundles

Mihai Anastasiei, Sergiu I. Vacaru
2009 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We provide a method of converting Lagrange and Finsler spaces and their Legendre transforms to Hamilton and Cartan spaces into almost Kaehler structures on tangent and cotangent bundles. In particular cases, the Hamilton spaces contain nonholonomic lifts of (pseudo) Riemannian / Einstein metrics on effective phase spaces. This allows us to define the corresponding Fedosov operators and develop deformation quantization schemes for nonlinear mechanical and gravity models on Lagrange- and Hamilton-Fedosov manifolds.
doi:10.1063/1.3043786 fatcat:2nxdgjz6yje7lm3h6hi4mm2l4q