On the Causes of Superiority Effects in Spanish: Preliminary Results and Prospects

Luis Vicente
2013 Catalan Journal of Linguistics  
This article reports the results of a series of experiments (acceptability rating tasks) on a group of speakers of Andalusian Spanish. The main result is that, contrary to previous claims in the literature (cf. Jaeggli 1982 et seq), Spanish does exhibit a Superiority effect in multiple wh-questions. However, this effect can be subsumed under a generalized mild penalty on object wh-fronting, also not described in previous literature. Consequently, this article provides novel support for
more » ... s to Superiority effects where locality violations play at most a minor role.
doi:10.5565/rev/catjl.89 fatcat:cgozla7d6fdjxcb3vhqb5gov34