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1896 The Lancet  
From the annual report of this hospital for 1895 it appears that of the 2562 cases under treatment in the hospital in the last year 2238 were cases of a rheumatic or gouty character ; 680 of these cases were complicated with some form or degree of heart disease. The large proportion of 1413 were cases of chronic rheumatism, 80 subacute rheumatism, 567 rheumatoid arthritis, 86 gout, and 90 sciatica. In addition to the cases of heart disease mentioned above 163 cases of other disease were
more » ... isease were complicated in a similar manner. There is also a short supplementary medical report detailing the statistics of cases of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and sciatica admitted during the year. This is a valuable addition by the resident medical officers, Dr. Ernest A. Dent and Dr. Alexander Whytt, calculated in time to give a very valuable table of reference on these diseases. For instance, in polyarticular rheumatoid arthritis, of which there were 447 cases, the males formed 22 per cent. and the females 78 per cent. There was a family history of rheumatoid arthritis in 4 per cent., of rheumatism in 35 per cent., of phthisis in 15 per cent., and of rheumatism in 23 per cent. As regards age, in 1'5 per cent. the disease appeared between the ages of one and ten years, in 3 per cent. males and 1 per cent. females ; between the ages of ten and twenty years in 13'5 per cent., males 23 per cent., females 11 per cent.; and between the ages of twenty and thirty in 20 per cent., males 15 per cent., females 21 per cent. Valvuhr heart disease was found in 36 per cent., whilst in gout it was discovered in 23 per cent. SUPERANNUATION GRANT.-Mr. Robert FeMiek, M.RC.S. Eng., has been granted an annual superannuation allowance of £70 on his retiring from the medical officership of the No. 3 District, Bristol. DEATHS OF EMINENT FOREIGN MEDICAL MEN.-The deaths of the following eminent foreign medical men are announced : Dr. Lafont, Member of the French Lower List of any School in the United Kingdom. The preparations entered must be placed in charge of the Curator before June lst, 1896. One prize will be allotted to a dissection showing the relations of the pleura, pericardium, and lungs to the anterior chest-wall, the dissection to be planned with special reference to the operation of tapping or incising and draining the pericardium for pyocarditis, and the other will be allotted to a dissection displaying the surgical relations of the lateral sinus, the mastoidal antrum, and the semicircular canals as exhibited by a dissection through the bones from without, with the view of illustrating operations in the middle ear and lateral sinus. For particulars application should be made to the Curator of the Museums.
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