South Korean food and women in glocalization : a case study in the role of food media SOUTH KOREAN FOOD AND WOMEN IN GLOCALIZATION: A CASE STUDY IN THE ROLE OF FOOD MEDIA

Hojin Song, Hojin Song, Jiyeon Kang, John Peters
2016 unpublished
I cannot thank Jiyeon enough for her time and effort reading multiple drafts of chapters of my dissertation, and guiding me through step-by-step. John always inspires me with his brilliance and gentle support. Each of my dissertation committee members has guided me through the process of my dissertation as well. I thank Tim Havens for sharing his expertise in Television Studies and encouraging me throughout the process, Kristine Munoz for our conversation about motherhood, and Doris Witt for
more » ... d Doris Witt for our discussions in Food Studies. My gratitude goes to many of my friends who worked with me in the corners of coffee shops, living rooms, and office spaces. Many of these people reminded me of the importance of my project whenever the drain of the writing process overwhelmed my passion. My time in graduate school could not have been better because of my roommates and second family, Hyemin Yoo and Hansol Kim. We spent much time keeping each other company and supported each other in a foreign land. I also thank Renu Pariyadath, for her support and help throughout the years. I thank Jiwoong Choi for his enthusiasm and incessant intellectual conversations on the topic of food, media, culture, and globalization. v