A Case of Mucor Irregularis-Associated Cutaneous Mucormycosis in the Forearm [post]

Zeting Wu, Wenwei Dong, Liwei Yao, Dingli Xu, Xianwu Chen, Haijiao Mao
2021 unpublished
A 61-year-old man developed rupture of the left forearm after cupping 1 year ago, which was partially improved after surgical dressing change. However, the lesion site recurred repeatedly since then and no cure was found. In the recent one month, he came to the hospital for treatment due to the increased area of skin rupture. The lesions involved subcutaneous tissue, reaching deep to the fascia layer, with large black mildew spots on the surface and necrosis like bean dregs in the deep part.
more » ... n the deep part. The lesion was irregular in distribution, with different sizes and unclear boundaries. Blood blisters and papules could be seen on the skin at the edge, with partial rupture and hemorrhage.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-162808/v1 fatcat:yu7pfhc4bzb5xpaq75umiw3wqm