M Salini, Antony Thomas
2018 Indian J.Sci.Res   unpublished
Aquaculture is under threat due to various ecological and anthropogenic effects. As highly demanded protein source, people all round the world depends on fishery as a major source of protein food. There numerous candidates are there in the freshwater with high economic values. Freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii is one of the important species of culture importance. For getting more profit, the intensive culture is preferable. However, the intensive culture is accompanied by several
more » ... us diseases. The traditional remedial measures such as antibiotic application etc cause more destruction than relief. The present work lights on the applicability of some indigenous medicinal plants on the Macrobrachium rosenbergii as feed additives. Curcuma longa is a medicinal plant with numerous medicinal applicability. Here certain active principles from the Curcuma were extracted through photochemical extractions methods. After that, the active components were mixed with the basal feeds and checked for the effects of the feeds. The major active components under the study were Curcumin, Demethoxycurcumin and Bisdemethoxy curcumin. The prawns were cultured for a period of 60 days. Through these days, the candidates were supplemented with feed incorporated with above said active principles. The main parameters under study was Nutritional Indices, Feed quality indices , Feed utilization parameters, Biogrowth parameters. From the experiment it was found that feed containing Curcumin was shown effective results as compared with other active principles. On conclusion bioactive phytonutrient, incorporated diets improved the feed intake and assimilation in M. rosenbergii. Among the supplemented diets Curcumin incorporated diet expressed the excellent growth promotion properties. Thus the Curcumin can be used as feed additive for growth promoter in aquaculture candidates especially M. rosenbergii.