Problems That Lead to the Failure in Language Communication

Shenghua Yan
2007 Asian Social Science  
A language is the most important tool for communication, yet misunderstanding of language often occurs in our daily communication. This paper illustrates some problems that lead to the failure of language communication and points out that it is necessary to avoid such problems for an effective and clear communication. A language is defined as "a systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures or marks having understood
more » ... d meanings."(Webster's, 654), and "is a tool for communication" (Emmet, 22). In most common use of language, these signs are the words which we employ in such a way that they may communicate ideas or feelings. Communication, that is, the conveyance of an idea or emotion from one to another, relies largely upon language, and rightly so, as it is a powerful tool when employed correctly. However, misunderstandings in communication occur when two people have a different understanding of their language, or they use language in such a way that it results in communication which is unclear or vague.
doi:10.5539/ass.v4n1p106 fatcat:nbd2bb6j2nfffk3q5uuirpqcra