Which Service Interfaces fit the Model Web?

Sven Schade, Nicole Ostländer, Carlos Granell, Michael Schulz, Daniel Mcinerney, Gregoire Dubois, Lorenzino Vaccari, Michele Chinosi, Laura Díaz, Lucy Bastin, Richard Jones
The Model Web has been proposed as a concept for integrating scientific models in an interoperable and collaborative manner. However, four years after the initial idea was formulated, there is still no stable long term solution. Multiple authors propose Web Service based approaches to model publication and chaining, but current implementations are highly case specific and lack flexibility. This paper discusses the Web Service interfaces, which are required for supporting integrated
more » ... modeling in a sustainable manner. We explore ways to expose environmental models and their components using Web Service interfaces. Our discussions present work in progress for establishing the Web Services technological grounds for simplifying information publication and exchange within the Model Web. As a main outcome, this contribution identifies challenges in respect to the required geo-processing and relates them to currently available Web Service standards.