Using Temporal Correlation to Optimize Stereo Matching in Video Sequences

Ming LI, Li SHI, Xudong CHEN, Sidan DU, Yang LI
2019 IEICE transactions on information and systems  
The large computational complexity makes stereo matching a big challenge in real-time application scenario. The problem of stereo matching in a video sequence is slightly different with that in a still image because there exists temporal correlation among video frames. However, no existing method considered temporal consistency of disparity for algorithm acceleration. In this work, we proposed a scheme called the dynamic disparity range (DDR) to optimize matching cost calculation and cost
more » ... ation steps by narrowing disparity searching range, and a scheme called temporal cost aggregation path to optimize the cost aggregation step. Based on the schemes, we proposed the DDR-SGM and the DDR-MCCNN algorithms for the stereo matching in video sequences. Evaluation results showed that the proposed algorithms significantly reduced the computational complexity with only very slight loss of accuracy. We proved that the proposed optimizations for the stereo matching are effective and the temporal consistency in stereo video is highly useful for either improving accuracy or reducing computational complexity.
doi:10.1587/transinf.2018edp7273 fatcat:ccm5ugvadvemjiox2e7yz2ltfa