Environmental Noise Prediction using Scale Model: A Measurement Methodology

Tae-Min Kim, Jae-Hyun Han, Jeung-Tae Kim
2011 International Journal of Railway  
Today, rolling stock has become a fast and convenient mode of transportation and has witnessed increased demand. But the speed improvement has resulted in increased aerodynamic noise and therefore residential districts near the railroad tracks are exposed to ever increasing noise level. A study on methodologies for measuring and appraising rolling stock's environmental noise has therefore become an important area of endeavor. In the case of the environmental noise, there are no changes in tone
more » ... o prediction can be made by reducing areas around the railway. The present study explores estimation of the noise around the railway using scale model, and the source of the noise has been investigated as well. The scale model of rolling stock will have to be able to measure high frequency noise and it is required to be generated in a short amount of time. Since popping a balloon or firing a gun fits this requirement the present study analyzed the characteristics of these two different noise sources. Measurement was made in a large vacant lot and the reflection due to the ground was also examined. The method proposed here can be used in the future for predicting the environmental noise of railway vehicles.
doi:10.7782/ijr.2011.4.2.042 fatcat:ao2x3xv6pbd5tfe5o55ineunii