Theroretical Analysis on the Refining Period in Electric Arc Furnace

1974 Tetsu to hagane  
Synopsis: Machematical model for determining the transitional variations of process variables which take place during the progress of refining process in the electric arc furnace is developed in this work. In this model, decarburization by CO gas bubbles formed on the surface of the furnace wall, direct oxidations of carbon, silicon and chromium by the injected gas bubbles of oxygen and indirect oxidations of silicon and chromium at the interface between slag and metal have been analysed
more » ... ically . On the basis of the model, numerical calculations relevant to the refining period of electric arc furnace have been conducted under the various operating conditions with the aid of digital computer . The results calculated on the transitional variations of process variables have been compared with the experimental data, and the former has been in good agreement with the latter . Futhermore, the effects of the initial temperature of molten steel and the flow rate of oxygen on the transitional variations of the temperature of molten steel and those of the concentrations of carbon , silicon and chromium in it have been evaluated theoretically by the use of the model .
doi:10.2355/tetsutohagane1955.60.8_1084 fatcat:yj2cwujjmvb3rh6kmkipeaut74