Spin Foams for the Real, Complex Orthogonal Groups in 4D and the bivector scalar product reality constraint [article]

Suresh K Maran
2005 arXiv   pre-print
The Barrett-Crane model for the SO(4,C) general relativity is systematically derived. This procedure makes rigorous the calculation of the Barrett-Crane intertwiners from the Barrett-Crane constraints of both real and complex Riemannian general relativity. The reality of the scalar products of the complex bivectors associated with the triangles of a flat four simplex is equivalent to the reality of the associated flat geometry. Spin foam models in 4D for the real and complex orthogonal gauge
more » ... ups are discussed in a unified manner from the point of view of the bivector scalar product reality constraints. Many relevant issues are discussed and generalizations of the ideas are introduced. The asymptotic limit of the SO(4,C) general relativity is discussed. The asymptotic limit is controlled by the SO(4,C) Regge calculus which unifies the Regge calculus theories for all the real general relativity cases. The spin network functionals for the 3+1 formulation of the spin foams are discussed. The field theory over group formulation for the Barrett-Crane models is discussed briefly. I introduce the idea of a mixed Lorentzian Barrett-Crane model which mixes the intertwiners for the Lorentzian Barrett-Crane models. A mixed propagator is calculated. I also introduce a multi-signature spin foam model for real general relativity which is made by splicing together the four simplex amplitudes for the various signatures. Further research that is to be done is listed and discussed.
arXiv:gr-qc/0504092v2 fatcat:2qm6jqmp25ao7c6vvj2df23dwy