A measurement of the W and Z production cross sections and a determination of Γw at the CERN [ovbar|p]p collider

J. Alitti, G. Amrosini, R. Ansari, D. Autiero, P. Bareyre, I.A. Bertram, G. Blaylock, P. Bonamy, K. Borer, M. Bourliaud, D. Buskulic, G. Carboni (+104 others)
1992 Physics Letters B  
The decays W-oev and Z~e +e-are studied in 1)P collisions at v/S = 630 GeV. The products of production cross section and branching ratio are measured as a~v = 682 + 12 + 40 pb and a[ = 65.6 + 4.0 + 3.8 pb. The results are in good agreement with O (or 2 ) calculations of the production cross sections. Many systematic effects cancel in the ratio, R = 10.4 + °:67 _+ 0.3, which can be used to give an indirect measurement of the total width of the W boson: Fw = 2.10 + 0.13 + 0.09 GeV. The width
more » ... a limit on the top quark mass, mto p > 53 GeV (95% CL), which is independent of the top decay mode.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(92)90333-y fatcat:tz7kydxkqjamdd265yppdmwe24