Artificially-Synthesized Intergeneric Chimera between Brassica oleracea and Raphanus sativus by In Vitro Grafting

Yutaka HIRATA, Takeshi MOTEGI, Qiubin XIAO, Takashi NOGUCHI
2000 Plant Biotechnology  
The first Intergeneric chimeras between radish and cabbage were successfully synthesized by in vitro grafting method. Regenerated seventy seven chimeras from the original sectorial chimera were investigated on morphological, physiological natures comparing with other interspecific chimeras of Brassica. Chimera! structures were justified and totally classified based on the morphological characteristics, isozymatic band patterns and PCR analysis. In those chimeras, putative four-layered chimeral
more » ... lants were also found for two vegetatively-propagated generations with general threelayered chimeras. Physiological interactions were typically recognized such as in flowering date, pollen fertility, and pod and seed set. However, genetic changes were not found in the progeny derived from the crosses with both parents.
doi:10.5511/plantbiotechnology.17.195 fatcat:yobvuh6fzzg2rmyrjgk6sutvsi