The Manifestations of Mediterranean Diet in Egyptian Intangible Cultural Heritage

Mohamed Amer, Azza Abdel Maksood
2019 International Journal of Heritage and Museum Studies  
The Mediterranean diet was inscribed in 2013 on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) list. It is considered knowledgably a life style including a group of activities. Although this inscription was exclusively restricted in some European states, this mixed or connected-separated kind of a living heritage is not well-recognized in Egypt. It has been estimated by the researcher some examples of Egyptian countries, cities or governorates where people indirectly apply the Mediterranean diet
more » ... Mediterranean diet including various actions such as a traditional food, crafts, social practices and construction. The researcher puts a good strategy to preserve it along the future generations and to invest it developing the local socio-economic context. Finally, the researcher presents the recommendations linking culturally and economically between the Mediterranean diet-related activities and the Egyptian cultural identity. Respectively, this linkage contributes raising an awareness of the Egyptian local community for the cultural significance of ICH and pushing them, as an initial inventory body, to preserve their heritage and operationalize the factor of sustainability through the transformation process of the cultural heritage knowledge. Introduction: The local community is mainly the representative of intangible cultural heritage (ICH). ICH is an expression for the local cultural identity which reflects the socio-economic form of the local community. It is included a group of skills, thoughts, and the popular imaginary forms such as myths, and narratives. 3 As a result of the globalization and modernization waves, the authentic value of ICH faces currently a great challenge surviving and transmitting along the upcoming generations. Thus, "the problem of authenticity in [ICH] cannot be solved by isolating a single form of performance of a given practice since this would require an infinite listing of its historical, political, social, artistic and symbolic ontology" 4 . The Mediterranean Diet (MD) is a traditional lifestyle aspect that was inscribed on UNESCO ICH list in 2010 between Spain, Greece, Italy, and Morocco; and then, was extended in 2013 adding Croatia, Cyprus and Portugal. This aspect requires a group of actions which are represented throughout craftsmanship, social practices, construction and its conservation. It has a great 1
doi:10.21608/ijhms.2019.119041 fatcat:3yzs3uftcfb4xlzwemvhq5qnve