Iodometric method for the determination of the components of a binary mixture of glucose and sucrose by vanadium(v) in perchloric acid

Kumar K. Mahalanabis, G. C. Banerjee, Alok Chatterjee, M. Sarkar, D. Mandal, A. Banerjee
1999 Zenodo  
Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Calcutta-700 032, India Manuscript received 28 December 1998, accepted 23 March 1999 Sodium or ammonium metavanadate solution in dilute perchloric acid has been found to be a suitable reagent for the determination of glucose and sucrose in their mixture. After refluxing a blend of glucose and sucrose with an excess of the reagent, the residual metavanadate is determined iodometrically. The amount of each ingredient is determined by using a working
more » ... rmula derived from the standardisation of the vanadate solution by the substrate glucose and sucrose of known strength.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5848770 fatcat:yx4j7b6yujekjah4ox2uhsheca