Deep pore pressure prediction in challenging areas, Malay Basin, SE Asia

S. O'Connor
Proc. Indon Petrol. Assoc., 35th Ann. Conv.   unpublished
Rapid burial and high rates of sedimentation in the Malay Basin has lead to development of overpressure by disequilibrium compaction. Overpressure developed by this process can be quantified using industry-standard techniques that rely on porosity/effective stress relationships. However, where thermally-driven secondary processes create overpressure, porosity-based analysis that uses sonic (or seismically-derived velocity data) and resistivity data as a measure of porosity change underestimate
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doi:10.29118/ipa.1075.11.g.022 fatcat:cj4a7vyjjvbqlpulecdmjkmykq