Synthesis of representative wave of spectrum-fitting input motions based on iterative learning procedure

Takashi Miyamoto, Riki Honda
2016 International Journal of Earthquake and Impact Engineering  
In the synthesis of input motions for seismic design based on the specified response spectra, Fourier amplitude is elaborately adjusted, while little attention is paid to the time characteristics, although differences in the phase characteristics can cause different nonlinear response of structures. To consider this problem, we propose a scheme to synthesise a wave that represents a set of collected spectrum-fitting ground motions, using an iterative learning scheme to integrate their
more » ... ate their respective characteristics. In the learning process, the characteristics of the wave are updated by adjusting its time-frequency characteristics using wavelet transform. The learning efficiency is monitored by comparing the characteristic effects of the waves on structures before and after the update, at which point the difference is quantified via Kullbuck-Leibler divergence. Numerical results show that synthesised waves cause comparatively large responses on various nonlinear structural members of a target structure, which indicates the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.
doi:10.1504/ijeie.2016.080037 fatcat:yrf7s4war5bqpp6ko46k5stgja