House Dust Mite Allergy and the Der p1 Conundrum: A Literature Review and Case Series

Miriana d'Alessandro, Laura Bergantini, Anna Perrone, Paolo Cameli, Valerio Beltrami, Lorenzo Alderighi, Laura Pini, Elena Bargagli, Marco Saletti
2021 Allergies  
The house dust mite (HDM) is globally ubiquitous in human habitats. Thirty-two allergens for Dermatophagoides farinae and 21 for Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus have been detected so far. The present minireview summarizes information about the role of Der p 1 as a key coordinator of the HDM-induced allergic response and reports on a series of Italian patients who are allergic to HDMs. We studied the specific IgE profiles in a population of patients with allergic asthma and rhinitis screened for
more » ... nitis screened for specific immunotherapy (SIT) for HDM allergies, with the aim of obtaining insights into the pathogenic role of Der p1. Patients co-sensitized to other airborne allergens showed a higher prevalence of asthma (9/12 (75%) vs. 2/7 (29%); p < 0.05) than did HDM mono-sensitized patients. The latter group showed higher Der p1 concentrations than that of the co-sensitized group (p = 0.0360), and a direct correlation between Der p1 and Der p2 (r = 0.93; p = 0.0003) was observed. In conclusion, our study offers insights into the role of Der p1 in a population of patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma who were candidates for SIT. Interestingly, Der p1 positivity was associated with bronchial asthma and co-sensitization.
doi:10.3390/allergies1020008 fatcat:wdfewzsuwfed7dbazuxcvkhh4u