Effect of Indole 3-butyric acid (IBA), rooting media and their interaction on different rooting and growth characteristic of air-layers in guava (Psidium guajava L. cv. L-49)

J.P. Parmar, Rajesh Tiwari, Keshav K. Gautam, L. Yadav, N. Upadhyay
2018 Journal of Applied and Natural Science  
The present investigation was undertaken to study the effect of different concentrations of Indole 3-butyric acid (0, 2000, 4000, 8000 and 10000 ppm), different types of rooting media (i.e. sphagnum moss, coco peat, vermicompost, sphagnum moss + coco peat and sphagnum moss + coco peat + vermicompost) and the interaction of these in different combinations on rooting and growth characteristic of guava, cv. L-49. The results revealed that the exogenous application of Indole 3-butyric acid (IBA)
more » ... tyric acid (IBA) 8000 ppm with media combination of sphagnum moss + coco peat + vermicompost (I3M5) significantly increased the root characters i.e. success percent of air-layers (83.3 %), callus formation (23.7), number of primary roots (24.21) and secondary roots (32.57); and growth characters i.e. number of leaves (48.17), branches (7.92) and sprouts (8.48) and survival percentages (83.18) over the other treatments and control. Among the rooting media, the combination of sphagnum moss + coco peat + vermicompost (M5) produced the highest rooting percentage (71.27), root characters and growth characters during months of July and August.
doi:10.31018/jans.v10i1.1611 fatcat:2nymdutzijbkfch4rfdg2adeua