Parallel database systems: Open problems and new issues

Patrick Valduriez
1993 Distributed and parallel databases  
Parallel database systems attempt to exploit recent multiprocessor computer architectures in order to build high-performance and high-availability database servers at a much lower price than equivalent mainframe computers. Although there are commercial SQL-based products, a number of open problems hamper the full exploitation of the capabilities of parallel systems. These problems touch on issues ranging from those of parallel processing to distributed database management. Furthermore, it is
more » ... ll an open issue to decide which of the various architectures among sharedmemory, shared-disk, and shared-nothing, is best for database management under various conditions. Finally, there are new issues raised by the introduction of higher functionality such as knowledge-based or object-oriented capabilities within a parallel database system.
doi:10.1007/bf01264049 fatcat:owb356rtkra5fplbwktkwogdfi