Soft and Hard Piezoelectric Ceramics for Vibration Energy Harvesting

Xiaodong Yan, Mupeng Zheng, Mankang Zhu, Yudong Hou
2020 Crystals  
The question as to which piezoelectric composition is favorable for energy harvesting has been addressed in the past few years. However, discussion on this topic continues. In this work, an answer is provided through a feasible method which can be used in selecting piezoelectric material. The energy harvesting behavior of hard (P4 and P8) and soft (P5 and P5H) lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics was investigated. The results show that the maximum piezoelectric voltage coefficient g33 and
more » ... ficient g33 and transduction coefficient d33 × g33 were obtained in P5 ceramic. Meanwhile, the power generation characteristics at low frequencies were compared by the vibration energy harvester with a cantilever beam structure. The results indicate that the energy harvester fabricated by the P5 ceramic with the maximum d33 × g33 values also demonstrated the best power generation characteristics. The results unambiguously demonstrate that the power density and energy conversion efficiency of the energy harvesting devices are dominated by the d33 × g33 value of the piezoelectric materials.
doi:10.3390/cryst10100907 fatcat:2nyewf6fgncfnazpp3clhxqtdy