Fredy Nugroho Setiawan, M Andhy Nurmansyah, Rizki Nufiarni, Scarletina Vidyayani Eka
2018 Atavisme  
<p>This study aims to explain how the ecological wisdom is manifested in Karo and Kasada. Karo and Kasada are Tenggerese traditions rooted in oral literature. Both traditions are closely related to environmental wisdom which is interesting to be studied in regard with ecological issues that have become global issues. The data in this study include library data and field data. The library data come from written information and reports on two rituals obtained from articles, journals, and research
more » ... rnals, and research reports. The field data come from interviews with Dukun Pandita in Tengger, talking about rituals and folklore that underlie, them and observation of ritual events. The data is then categorized into descriptive units and interpreted using ecocriticism approach. The results show that the nature, nurture, and culture intertwine with the essence of Karo and Kasada so that every ritual practice cannot be separated from the symbolization of the relationship between humans and nature, which is about how humans and all practices of culture respect and maintain harmonious relations with the environment.</p>
doi:10.24257/atavisme.v21i2.455.209-223 fatcat:ty54d3pd2bagjj4mndyshg7rw4