Bond Strength of Endodontic Sealers to Gutta Percha and Dentin

Raghad Al-Askary, Sabah Ismail, Nawal Al-Sabawi
2020 Al-Rafidain Dental Journal  
Aims: The aims of present study were to compare shear bond strength (SBS) and push-out bond strength (PBS) of three types of sealers to gutta percha (G) and dentin (D) and to assess failure modes at debonded interfaces. Materials and Methods: Sealers tested were AH Plus, Sealer 26, and Endofill. In PBS, 30 mandibular premolar decoronated and instrumented with rotary ProTaper to F3 then teeth were divided into 3 groups (10 teeth in each) and obturated with F3 proTaper G and one of tested sealer,
more » ... 1mm mid root slices were prepared for PBS test. In SBS/D, 30 root cylinders 7 mm length were embedded horizontally in resin then root surfaces were flattened and smooth. In SBS/G, 30 G cylinders were embedded in a resin. In both SBS tests, specimens were divided into three groups, 10 samples each then polyethylene tubes positioned on polished specimens (prepared for SBS/D and SBS/G) filled with one of the tested sealer. All BS tests were performed on digital universal testing machine. Collected data analyzed statistically using one way ANOVA and Tukey test. Results: PBS, SBS/D, and SBS/G for AH Plus significantly higher than Sealer 26 and Endofill. Also Sealer 26 exhibited significantly higher bond strength than Endofill. Predominance mode of failures were adhesive and mixed. Conclusions: According to the finding of present study, it can be concluded that the AH Plus for root canal therapy produce better results in endodontic. PBS and SBS were sufficient tests to measure bond strength of root canal sealers to G and D.
doi:10.33899/rden.2020.165182 fatcat:xvgymaid7vg6bcvnyeldmwfhkm