I.O. Mikulionok
2020 Energy Technologies & Resource Saving  
The possibility of use of the heat-exchangers in whole or in part manufactured with use of polymers and plastics is considered. Despite obvious, at first sight, inexpediency of use of polymeric materials in the heat-exchange equipment (low coefficient of heat conductivity, and also low, in comparison with metals, the strength properties of the majority of the most widespread polymers), «polymeric» heat-exchangers find application in various areas of the industry more and more surely.
more » ... surely. Classification of heat-exchange apparatuses which constructive elements are executed with use of polymeric materials is proposed. The following signs are the basis for classification: polymer type, a type of polymer meric material, type of the heat-exchange apparatus (a form of heat-exchange elements), reliance on polymeric materials in apparatuses, motion freedom of polymeric heat-exchange elements, level of assembly of a design, and also diameter of tubular elements. Critical analysis the most characteristic designs developed by domestic and foreign designers and inventors is carried out. Ref. 21, Fig. 13.
doi:10.33070/etars.1.2020.8 fatcat:hanl2rawgvg5nabs4w5eigprfe