Utility and Game-Theory Based Network Selection Scheme in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Chung-Ju Chang, Tsung-Li Tsai, Yung-Han Chen
2009 2009 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference  
To maximize accommodated call numbers, minimize handoff rate, and support QoS requirements at the same time in the heterogeneous wireless network, a utility function and game theory (UGT) based network selection scheme is proposed in this thesis. When a new call or a handoff call arrives, UGT will find which networks are usable for the call request first. After getting the candidate networks, UGT will compute the utility value from the satisfaction of QoS requirements of the call request and
more » ... call request and the preference value from predefined cooperative game for each candidate network. The main goal of the cooperative game is to decrease the number of handoff and achieve load balance for high system utilization. Finally, by choosing the maximum linear combination of utility values and preference values from all candidate networks, the most suitable network for the call request can be obtained. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme can reduce the new call blocking rate, the number of forced terminated calls, and the handoff occurrence frequency. Besides, the QoS requirements are satisfied no matter in low traffic load or high traffic load. ii Acknowledgement 誌 謝 兩年的碩士生涯很快的就過去了。能順利的完成這篇碩士論文,必須感謝 非常多人的鼓勵與幫忙。首先要感謝張仲儒教授這兩年來在專業知識和待人處世 方面的指導,讓我在學業和生活上都獲益良多。除此之外,還要特別感謝抽空回 來指導我們的詠翰和芳慶學長,提供我們最新的資訊和專業上的看法。感謝立 峰、志明、耀興、文祥、和振宇學長們,每在我遇到困難的時候,能夠提供我寶 貴的意見。還有在進實驗室時熱情歡迎我們的學長姐建安、建興、正昕、世宏、 佳泓、佳璇。當然,還要謝謝和我一起努力的浩翔、英奇、維謙、邱胤、巧瑩, 大家一起打球真的很快樂。還有努力帶給我們實驗室歡樂時光的學弟妹志遠、欣 毅、和儁、盈伃,以及辛苦的助理惟媜和玉棋。有你們的陪伴,研究的路途一點 也不寂寞。 最後,我要感謝我的父母、哥哥、女朋友和我的愛犬,有了他們對我的支 持和期待,我才有動力度過每一個難關,順利完成階段的目標。 蔡宗利 謹誌 民國九十七年七月 iii
doi:10.1109/wcnc.2009.4918016 dblp:conf/wcnc/ChangTC09 fatcat:3p5jpobv3zcdlmjodfwognji5q