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1868 Scientific American  
lll.-This. invention relates to' tion consists ill securely arranging a pin across the metal cylinder !n which a new and Improved metllod 01 coupling or connecting the cars ofa raIlroad the valve is held, whereby the aforesaid object will be attained. train. GATE AND BARN DOOR FASTENlNG.-W. W. Peck, Cassapolis, Micb .-ThIS HAND TRUOK FOR MOVING BARRELB,-T. W. Kennedy, Avon, IlI.-This in-invention relates to a new fastening for gates and barn :-doors, whichis 60 vention relates to a new and
more » ... s to a new and useful impr01ement in the construction of a constrnctfid that the gate or door can be opened from the jnside and out· hand truck for moving barre is about from place to place in an upright po· Side, or from the former only, as may be desired, and so i,hat the same sitlon. cannot be raised and opened by hogs and other animals. SHARPENING HO RSESHOE CALKS.-N. Rays, Wm. Duncttn and E. A. Bowen, Vinton, Iowa.-This invention relates t<l "n Improved tooifor sharpening the calks on h8rseshoes. and consists in thf;' combination of a hand lever, clamp and a cIrcular rasp or cutter operated with a crank by which the calks on a horseshoe are rapidly and effectually sharpened on the horse's foot.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01111868-23b fatcat:t5qmfgrmp5dt7pykybkepuriue