Dispersion relations for a plasma-filled helix-loaded-waveguide [report]

M.A. Makowski, E.B. Hooper, B.W. Stallard
1994 unpublished
The propagation of waves on bounded, magnetized plasma columns arises in connection with a variety of applications. To this end dispersion relations are developed for a variety of multi-region circularly symmetric configurations. These include, a sheath helix in free space, a plasma column in free space, a plasma filled conducting tube, a plasma filled sheath-helix in free space, a sheath helix within a conducting cylinder, a plasma filled sheath-helix within a conducting cylinder, and a plasma
more » ... columu within a sheath-helix contained within a conducting cylinder. The latter configuration is of the most interest for whistler wave excitation for plasma thruster applications, since it includes the effect of a vacuum region separating the plasma column from the helical excitation structure.
doi:10.2172/10120369 fatcat:2koeir765zgfxck3jffmvu76v4