WinPop 2.5: Software for representing population genetics phenomena

P. A. S. Nuin
2005 Briefings in Bioinformatics  
The curriculum for genetics courses is shifting from a classical to a more molecular genetics focus, increasing the importance of subjects such as population genetics. Population genetics is a computational and statistical field that requires a good understanding of the nature of stochastic events. It is a difficult field for biology students with a limited mathematical background and there is a need for visualisation tools to facilitate understanding by the use of practical examples. WinPop
more » ... vides students and researchers with a visual tool to allow the simulation and representation of population genetics phenomena. WinPop is a user-friendly software meant for use in population genetics courses and basic research. WinPop 2.5 contains six different modules that represent and simulate population genetics models. Genotype and allele frequencies are calculated under the different models: panmixia, genetic drift, assortative matings, selection, gene flow and mutation. The program's interface presents information in Cartesian graphics and isosceles triangular coordinate systems, allowing the user to save graphical and textual data output from the simulations. WinPop is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and uses Windows 95 and higher. WinPop 2.5 can be downloaded from
doi:10.1093/bib/6.4.390 pmid:16420737 fatcat:7bkeajlvo5aydmaudhwstuaeh4