3B1012 Activation mechanism of thrombopoietin receptor investigated by its specific ligand and neutralization antibodies(3B Membrane proteins 2,The 49th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Japan)
3B1012 特異的リガンドと中和抗体を用いたトロンボポエチン受容体活性化機構の解明(3B 膜蛋白質2,日本生物物理学会第49回年会)

Fumiko Matsumoto, Motoyasu Adachi, Rumi Shimizu, Mizue Meguro, Shigeki Arai, Taro Tamada, Takashi Kato, Ryota Kuroki
2011 Seibutsu Butsuri  
TheBiophysical Society of Japan General IncorporatedAssociation learning algorithm, Support Vector Machine (SVM), which had been successfut]y app1ied in many other studies. We coltected256 pretein sequences/ 128 experimentally identified TA protejns from H. sapiens, S. cerevisiae, and A, thaTfana; 128 other types ofproteins. To depict hydrophobicity ofTA proteins at C-terminus, a numerical fonnat ef protein sequences generated based on Kyte-Doolittle scale was used to trajn our SVM classifier.
more » ... he putative TA proteins predicted by the SVM c]assifier werc filtered by SignalP v3,O to remove those which have N-terminal signal peptide. 3B0948 Extracting the reaction network buried in singLc moLecule time series of epiderma] growth factor receptor and Grb2 Tahmina Su]tana, Tamiki Komatsuzaki. Chun Biu Li, IIiroshi Terameto (Hbkkaido U}iiversit.v) Bio-rnelecules -,ork and function acToss difTeTent spatial and temporal scales. Recent advances in singlc molecule {SM) experiments manifest the detailed dynamics ofthese rnutti-scale biophysical systems in the mo]ecular level. Here we apply a recentTy developed model-free time series anaTysis mcthodology direetly to the SM experimenta] data te clucidate the underlying multi-sca]e dynamics. Without a priori assumptions, our mcthod can determine the number andpropertiesofeonformationstatesandthecerrespondingstate-spacenetwoTk <SSN) which capturcs the hidden multi-scate protein dynamics in details. In particular, the constructed SSNs allew us to reproduce a]] the staListical corrclations presented in the experimental data, and therefore faciTitate a mathematical platform for us to investigate the orjgin of memoiy etfects in molecular systems. In this prescntation. the multi-state reactions betwecll cpideitrnal gro"th factor receptor (EGFR) and Grb2 probed by SM mcasurements will be considered to demonstraLe Lhe SSN construction scheme and its egsential features. It was found that associatioll kinetics depend nontrivially on thc Grb2 concentration but it is not the case foT the dissociation kinetics. The constructed SSNs from SM time series provide us with an intuitive understanding ofthe ce]1 signaling mechanisms of EGFR and Grb2 in temis of thc correspending network stmctures and their dynamical properties. ve#coutiyFerpmntasremLveFa;,rtrtzf;,eatsi:tatt eeasopneop Aetivationmechanismofthrombopoietinreceptorinvestigated b)' its specific ligand and neutralization antibodies
doi:10.2142/biophys.51.s109_2 fatcat:nydw6542nbfn5ph7ilsn7v5wda