376 International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and TechnologyVoltage Power Generation Application

G Purushothaman, Hariharan, Karthika
2017 International Journal for Modern Trends in Science and Technology   unpublished
This paper presents a high-gain dc-dc converter topology that employs AN electrical converter circuit, boost device and voltage electronic device circuit. Boost converter used uses high frequency electrical device with an electrical device within the secondary rather than electrical device alone. This helps in utilizing the magnetic circuit optimally and eliminates the matter of electrical device saturation at higher currents. Usage of soft-switching more minimizes the switching losses &
more » ... sm interference (EMI) problems. The planned system operates in DCM mode facilitating high gain & Zero-Current switch (ZCS) turn-ON for the {inverter|electrical device} and boost converter switches. Zero-Voltage switch (ZVS) technique throughout stimulus is also used for the electrical converter switches. additionally, the proposed configuration provides answer for a large operational voltage vary for DC supply. In total the given configuration provides high gain output voltage mistreatment boost converter & voltage electronic device circuit operational in AN efficient manner by using soft switch techniques. Details of working rule, modes of operation and simulation results are conferred within the manuscript.