Oil and Health

1854 Scientific American  
£ titntifit �m£ritan. (Reported Officially for the l\cient!fic American.) w �<ta�g�:rf.�1 V 8{?nt�� U :ffss� ��1�t;�fy ��t � �l�� Aug. 3, 1852: I claim, first, the combination of the angu larly moving catch bars, operated as described. with toe shifting hooks hung on the jacks. so as to vibrate inde pendently thereOf. for the purpose of connecting-and disconntcting thejarks with lhe said catch bars, Second, the method described of combining and ar ranging the parts for turning the figuring chain or cy linder in either direction.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01211854-147 fatcat:eulvixg5z5at5c5rrnqbaiqcoi