Synthesis of a Novel Chiral Stationary Phase by (R)-1,1′-Binaphthol and the Study on Mechanism of Chiral Recognition

Yongxi Wang, Dandan Liu, Yili Zhang, Yanmei Tang, Jingfeng Zhao, Baochun Shen
2018 Symmetry  
(R)-6-Acrylic-BINOL CSP, a novel chiral stationary phase was prepared by (R)-Binaphthol (R-BINOL) by introducing the acrylic group into the 6-position of (R)-BINOL before bonding it to the surface of silica gel. The structure of the CSP was characterized by IR, SEM, and element analysis. This new material was tested for its potential as a CSP for HPLC under normal phase conditions, especially for conjugated compounds. Six solutes were chosen to evaluate the chiral separation ability of the
more » ... CSP. The effects of the mobile phase and temperature on enantioseparation were studied, and the chiral recognition mechanism was also discussed. The results showed that the space adaptability and π-π stacking between the solutes and the CSP affected the retention and enantioseparation. The Van't Hoff curve indicated that under the experimental conditions, the separation mechanism of six solutes did not change, which were all enthalpy driven.
doi:10.3390/sym10120704 fatcat:agxpy4wxc5cuvnr4acum2er5vq