Aerodynamic Characteristics of Dragonfly Wing Corrugation in Hovering Flight

Chao Wang, Peng Xie, Chao-Ying Zhou, Rui Zhang
2017 Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (MME 2016)   unpublished
In this study, the aerodynamic characteristics of dragonfly wing corrugation in hovering flight are investigated using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. Three corrugated cross sections of the right forewing of a dragonfly (Aeshna cyanea) are considered. The effects of wing corrugation are identified by comparing the aerodynamic differences between the corrugated and the corresponding smoothed wing sections, and the underlying flow mechanisms of the corrugation effects are revealed
more » ... ffects are revealed by analyzing the flow fields and surface pressure distributions of the wings. The results show that the wing corrugation has little effects on aerodynamic performance of wings. The time histories of aerodynamic forces of the corrugated wings are very close to those of the smoothed wings. The flow information indicates that the corrugated and smoothed wings have approximately the same vorticity around the wings. Problem Descriptions To clarify the effects of varied corrugated sections along the longitudinal axis of dragonfly wings, three corrugated cross sections at 0.3Lref, 0.5 Lref and 0.7 Lref of the right forewing of a dragonfly
doi:10.2991/mme-16.2017.6 fatcat:kj4tj2xw3benro6oj22ujc52hi