Research on iterative repair algorithm of Hyperchaotic image based on support vector machine

Xin Li, Ziguan Cui, Linhui Sun, Guanming Lu, Debnath Narayan
2019 Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. Series S  
The damaged area of the hyperchaotic image is prone to lack of texture information. It needs to make image restoration design to improve the information expression ability of the image. In this paper, an iterative restoration algorithm of hyperchaotic image based on support vector machine is proposed. The sample blocks in the damaged region of hyperchaotic images are divided into smooth mesh structures according to block segmentation method, and the neighborhood pixels of which points need to
more » ... pair are ranked efficiently according to gradient values. According to the edge fuzzification features, the position of the important structural information of the damaged area is located. A multi-dimensional spectral peak search method is applied to construct the information feature subspace of image texture, so as to find the best matching block for restoring the damaged region of hyperchaotic image. Considering the features of structural information and texture information, the maximum likelihood algorithm is used to reconstruct the pixel elements in the image region by piecewise fitting. Through the support vector machine algorithm, the image iterative restoration is carried out. The simulation results show that the restoration method for hyperchaotic image can achieve effective restoration of image damaged area, the quality of restorationed image is better, and the computation speed is fast. The image restoration method can effectively ensure the visual effect of the reconstructed image. 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. 46N30.
doi:10.3934/dcdss.2019083 fatcat:lymjgqxjynb2bh5ihrotd5umte