As organizações e o público LGBT: perspectivas de atuação para o profissional de relações públicas / Organizations and the LGBT: acting prospects for public relation professional [report]

Felipe Anacleto Feh
2015 unpublished
The public marginalization of LGBT framework in recent decades was gradually replaced by an empowering situation through the agency of activist groups and the consequent conquest of rights in different areas. However, the reality is far from ideal, which can be determined by the occurrence of institutional homophobia when organizations flout individuals based on the judgment on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Thus, whereas the activity of PR can contribute to the improvement of
more » ... scenario, this paper aims to analyze how the healthcare professional can help in the management of relations with the LGBT audience in organizations. To achieve it, we carried out a literature search and then a documentary research on LGBT Rights Reference Center and Confronting Homophobia in the state of Paraíba, to check the cases of institutional homophobia that occurred in the state capital, João Pessoa, between the years 2011 and 2013. Finally, a field research was undertaken with the civil society organizations that defend this public in the city in order to know their actions in combating this type of crime. We verified the occurrence of a significant number of complaints in the period analyzed, and the lack of knowledge of NGOs with regard to the performance with the business to ensure the inclusion of LGBT in the actions of local organizations, as well as the policy options of public relations professional to modify this context.
doi:10.5783/rirp-9-2015-08-131-152 fatcat:7wbmbuf2ebgahhlw4gjolspod4